FREE 10 minute Online Skin Consultation

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We get it, trying out new skincare can be totally scary and definitely overwhelming. It's your face! And you're probably feeling a little bit hesitant, especially if you’ve had a bad skin product experience, at some point, right, been there and totally freaked out. Also you might be a newbie to embracing the ALL natural skincare band wagon the pure clean beauty movement and just be honestly curious, what's it all about? Is it really all that good? Well jump aboard with us and we’ll spend 10 minutes for freeeeeeee chatting with you online or text you to talk about your specific skincare needs and concerns. One on One. Maybe you just have a few questions you'd like to ask us in real-time, or maybe you'd like us to work with you on a setting a new daily skin care ritual. Whatever you need, we’re here to make your skin GLOW and soul feel FREE!

When you email us below to set-up your appointment, please include 3 dates and times you are available for your online chat in the next week or two! We'll email you with a confirmed appointment very soon!!! AND ..... only if you feel like it, we’d also love to know more about you and your skin! If you feel like sharing any of the below info, pls do!

1) What is your main skin concern?

2) If you were to select a category for your skin type, which of the below would you choose?

Acne prone.
Allergic prone.
T-zoner - my skin is part oily and part dry.
Redness sufferer / Hyperpigmentation.
Aging mature skin.
Rosacea prone.
Anti-aging aware! Dealing with wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet).

3) Are you allergic to any herbs, fruits, flowers, nuts, oils, vitamins or natural products? If so, what are they?

4) Do you ever experience break-outs in your skin? If so when?

5) Do you find that your skin is sensitive to hormonal changes in your body?

6) What is your current skin routine?

7) Please list any products you’re using right now? (moisturizers, serums, face gels, face lotions, face masks, fruit peels, face wipes, cleansers, exfoliators, night creams, night treatment balms, body lotions, body scrubs, sunscreens, toners, facial mists) and tell us why you love or hate them?

8) Do you take any vitamins or supplements?

9) How would you describe your current daily food diet?  

i. super healthy 
ii. healthy 
iii. somewhat healthy 
iv. I’m not very healthy at the mo!

10) Are you pregnant? Trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding?