Zebra calcite half moon 🌙 bowl. Trinket crystal bowl.


These half moon zebra bowls are so striking and special!

Zebra calcite is considered a crystal stone of motivation, prosperity, power, physical healing, personal will, and peace of mind. Zebra Calcite, also known as Raw Phantom Calcite, is a recently unearthed variety of calcite. It exhibits banding patterns throughout the stone which reminds one of a Zebra’s stripes. It may even contain traces of Aragonite

It is a calcium carbonate mineral and one of Earth’s most common stones. This extremely unique variation has only been found within the last few years in remote areas Mexico.

Zebra Calcite activates all seven Chakras to assist in spiritual awakening, transformation, self discovery, and self-healing.

The grounding force of Zebra Calcite also aids in anxiety relief, overcoming PTSD, insight, empathy, and inner peace.

Zebra Calcite is associated with the flowing sensitivity of Pisces, the balanced wisdom of Libra, and Gemini's duality of the soul.

Ethically mined and ethically sourced.